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The Problem

For decades, successive governments have failed to build the homes we need. CITI Modular Homes provides the “vital” change that would “significantly” improve the pace at which development proposals come to fruition.


CITI Modular Homes recognises the severity of the nationwide housing shortage, not just affordable homes. It also recognises that the problem increases on a daily basis where demand substantially and increasingly outweighs supply. Even if planning and finance allowed, traditional on-site construction of homes would take upwards of 18 months to begin to reach the target markets, during which time the demand has further widened. A vicious circle. 


The current housing crisis is both complex and severe.  We are building less than half the homes the nation needs.


The construction industry does not currently have the capacity to deliver the number of homes needed and an alternative to traditional construction is vital to addressing the undersupply.







The Solution

CITI Modular Homes critical challenge and our purpose are to supply affordable yet sustainable homes in the shortest the time. 


Immediate supply is key to addressing the problem of the lack of affordable homes through alternative construction methodology. Off-Site Construction offers improved quality and better value, within a fraction of the time of traditional building methods.


CITI Modular Homes produces the design, manufacture, fitting out, installation and external works. This will mean easier procurement, fewer management resources, greater cost efficiency and improved quality control. A library of Module standardisation and external facade customisation reduce design time and ensure faster-planning approvals.


CITI Modular Homes believes that if we use our very best resources, people and technologies around an effective set of actions, that will make the most difference to Affordable Housing supply in the shortest space of time, we will benefit the quality of life for the most in need, directly addressing the ever-increasing housing demand that we have ever known, or perhaps ever imagined.


CITI Modular Homes offers the power to dramatically accelerate the supply of Affordable Homes. The great challenge nationwide is to increase the transformation of demand to supply, so that we can deliver effective improvements quickly.


An immediate and effective solution to the affordable housing shortage is here.


Please read our BROCHURE and visit our TECHNICAL page for more information


The Housing Shortage Has A Solution

46m22_Bedroom_Transparent V2.png

Our ultimate goal is helping our clients deliver better environments for the communities they serve, a goal we support through our frameworks, that address every aspect of quality.

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