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1485ft/2 -140m/2 4 Bedroom House from £110,000.00  COMPLETE in 4 WEEKS

4 Bedroom House £110,000.00 COMPLETE
in 4 WEEKS


CITI Modular Homes produce high performing residential homes to an unequalled standard. Our CITI Modular Homes are delivered to a site, complete, within a fraction of the cost and time of "traditional housing" using "Off-Site Construction" Technology.


Typically CITI Modular Homes are 25% cheaper, 60% more efficient to run and 75% faster to complete.


Such is the advancement of our technology all our homes are mortgageable, which combined with our 10 Year Warranty makes CITI Modular Homes unbeatable value. 


CITI Modular Homes use the latest 3D CAD design and ultra-modern construction technologies, producing an effective and efficient home, combined with the added value of highest performing products and production in a clean and precise environment.


CITI Modular Homes are fully customisable and with adaptions to incorporate mobility standards and adaptive layouts. All homes exceed building regulation standards (Code 4+).  Carbon Neutral is possible through the high levels of insulation resulting in low running costs.


CITI Modular Homes are a permanent installation. The material palettes and roof designs are bespoke to Client and Local Planning Authorities requirements.

3D Internal

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